(519): Imagine being a condom and being picked by a gay couple. Thats like a FML moment! (sent): WHAT THE FUCK? (recv'd): being a condom and you'd be all like "oh yeahh im pumped for seeing sex". then BAM picked by a faggot.

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Douche comment asshole

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gay is okay you ass!

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^ you must be gay then

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giggity giggity.... wait!! NO!!! NOT ALRIGHT, NOT ALRIGHT!!!

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^ your logic is infallible

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^ like an inflatable penis?

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what a cunt

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Not funny at all, dickwad.

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I guess it all depends on whether the condom likes being covered in girl-spoo or crap?

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lmfaooooooo! this is funny, u ppl gotta relax and chill, seriously, u cant say uve neevr made fnu of gay ppl before :P haha honestly take the pickle out ur ass and have fun

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why would faggots rly need a condom...they probably already have a std and they cant get pregnant

12907 (-1 Points) (+0, -1) 8 years ago

people are too fuckin sensitive... get over yourselves! that shit is funny

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number 10 you are a fucking ignorant moron. Actually STDs are more common now in heterosexuals. Do some research you dumb fuck.

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you're...a dumbass. This is stupid. Regardless of how drunk you are, being a fucking douchebag is never funny.

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What if the condom is gay? I mean if condoms can have thoughts, they can have orientations. So hah. And don't say faggot, that's not nice and it's never funny.

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you know, with gay marriage being legalized in canada, you wouldnt think such douchebagery would come from a canadian. especially when you've got a dozen americans calling you out on it. epic fail, my friend.

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Canadian are douches

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dude, its a joke, and its hilarious. Chill out and laugh.

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Whatever, folks, it was still funny that someone would even think of that.

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It's hilarious how everyone fights over stupid shit like this.

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agree with #19. its my DRUNK texts, people say some pretty dumb shit when their fucked up. its meant to laugh at, not start a whole big argument over.

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lol yea i agree with #20 everyone just chill and have some laughs we all need em :)

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haha hilarious

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i guess the condom would be pretty pissed too if he got picked and had to be barely rolled down this douchebags tiny cock.

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lol 23. I think the condom would be more pissed if someone got it and didnt use it for sex. Like as a joke or whatever. "Instead of Having sex with me they filled me up with water and threw me at small children!"

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jokes that insult a person or a group of people aren't funny. they are tasteless and trashy. try being on the receiving end of a "joke" that insults who you are, then see how funny you think this pos is.

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wow this was funny untill i looked at all the comments from you over sensitive pussies.... way to fucking ruin it

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lmfaooo look at all the gays commenting this, sit back and have a laugh stop being so uptight and relax

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Lol #24. You sound like you've had some experience with condom-water-balloons.

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i agree with #16 canadians are douche bags

13162 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

hwo r canadians douche bags? it was one guy u fuckin retard, everyone who got mad at this has to get a sense of humour honestly, tths wat happens wen ur drunk, u do and say shti witout realizin, stop bein a fuckin mangina and laugh u stuck up bitchs :)

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lol.. fuckin gays and gay defenders.. shut up. If u dont like this, then u have TOO much tollerance. Chill. Almost everyone around u are making jokes out of gays. Because they aren;t like others. People always do laugh at thing they dont understand or at those who arent normal. So again - STOP DEFENDING THEM, cuz it makes gays look even more funnier

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#31 you are a dumbass, making fun of people who might be slightly different. GROW UP

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close minded, ignorant piece of shit.

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silly faggot. Dicks go in chicks.

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haha, you guys are almost as funny as the text. :) keep fighting, silly mortals. :)

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lol one canadian doesnt represent us all besides if you guys can take a dick you can take a joke =)

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thats fuckin hilarious...nothin against gay people

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i agree with #34

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Dude. It's funny BECAUSE it's offensive. If you can't take a joke, go screw a spike. Geez. I'm not offended by straight comments. Gays must be super sensitive.

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sorry but thats fuckin hilarious. some of you need to relax, learn to take a freakin joke.

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I'm gay, and I still think this is funny.

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Wow, I am gay and thought this was hilarious!!!

13423 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

See, even some gay people think it's funny. Quit taking it so fucking seriously douchecocks, it's hilarious as hell!

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people in canada suck,all they think about is condoms and gay sex? faggs

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i'm so sick of fags thinking they are owed some special priviledge or treatment because they sleep with the same sex. why don't you keep your sexual preferences to yourself. i couldn't care less who you fuck or why. go away.

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This isn't funny. Not because its about gay people, but because it makes no sense and is stupid.

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Oodles of ashamed to share that are code. We aren't all bigoted douches, I swear. And woot woot at #14

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wow...u guys are fucking idiots...this is hilarious as hell and i have absolutely nothing wrong with gay ppl...and whoever said that dicks go in chix is the biggest idiot on here...thats ur opinion but not everyone feels that way...have u ever thought that sum guys mite think thats totally disgusting???

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hey number 31!! funnier is not a word.

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the text isnt offensive, but the douchesnozzles commenting with slurs sure are

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everyone go and read #17 ..................and settle down remember deap .....breaths

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45, they werent saying they're gay because they want special treatment, they're just saying that everyone can chill out because they aren't offended.

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hey 49, funnier is a word you dumb fuck. if you want, you can change what you said to "hey number 31!! 'more funnier' isn't correct." have a good day idiot.

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I think the jokes stupid. not because it pokes fun at gays but because it takes too long to get to the punch line. and what if the condom was picked by a straight couple who likes anal? anal sex is still sex dumbass.

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haha well i figure all condoms are trannies anyway because it takes it up the ass by a cock and is shoved into some hole (vag or ass i really dont care its not the point) so it would all depend on the orientation of a talking/thinkn condom (what is a trannies orientation anyway?)

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#55 has a better point than any of you. And I thought gay people were supposed to be open minded? Seems to me that the only ones who are are #'s 41 & 42.

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but the little condom would still get to see sex, right?

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#57 most sense in all these comments istnèt that really the isasue her. im candaian lol

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I agree with #1

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#58 learn to type

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34 wins

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why is this guy thinking about gay sex whele drunk?

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its not okay to make fun of gays??..next your gunna tell me we can't make fun of blacks..and then mexicans!! whatever this world's coming to i want no part of it! AND CALM DOWN!..it was a joke, meant to insult (cause those are the best kind!) some people...haha

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fuckin wow!! people are so fucking ridiculous.. its a fucking joke.. its not even that funny, all these people on here who are offended by it need to shut the fuck up and get a life... worse thigs are happening in this world then this fuckin MDT

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