(317): (sent)i totally just got out of a DUI because my chick offered to blow the cop, im in love. (recv'd) high five!

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ummmmm did she?

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I sure did already, loinkog foward to coming out and seeing you guys again .will be following you guys love your music I told joe green that hopefully sometime you guys can get out to the batavia area so i can introduce all my friends and family to your music. See you guys soon

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duh if he got out of one

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sounds like your chick is (NOT) a keeper, if she's willing to blow a cop. If i give you what that ticket would cost, can I gat a bj too?

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a dui is typically like 800$ thats a hell of an expensive blowjob hell you could goto the strip club or a massage parlor and get the special for alot cheaper.

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yeah but the cop didnt pay $800 for the bj, it wasnt his money lost..... duh

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haha damn

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wow ......... lmao thats funny

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wow, i should become a cop, just in case i do where do you and your girl live, and ummm what road do mostly drive on when ya'll going home from clubs and whats ur liscense dude?. i might have to get a fake costume and id so i can look like a cop

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Wow. Nice.

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Dude. This would only happen in fucking Indiana.

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such a win for the cop and prob a fail for the dude at least he dident pay ;P

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EPIC FAIL!!!! just think, u have to drive home with her stank breath

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