(215): I was helping him find his phone, so we tried calling it from mine. I ended up finding it. One missed call from "FuckBuddy." The number's mine. We are so over. Who needs boyfriends like that?

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what a fuckin idiot

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thats fuckin awesome!

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wow. he's a prick

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lol that is funny!

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i just changed 'a slut' back to 'chrisitn' in my phone

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Fuck him.

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hahaha that dude needs to be president

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Boys are so stupid

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no were not #8 well most of us

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#7 I think that was Bush

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I'm sure he's so crushed that you two are over...

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He wasn't calling YOU a "FuckBuddy". Your sister also uses your phone. He was referring to her.

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Im a girl! I like having fuck buddies and im proud of it!

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slut, no one cares

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#5 is a bitch tooo

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Obviously you're confused. You guys are fuck buddies. Not bf/gf. His phone says so.

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16, they've been dating for seven months. The girl who sent me the text is a good friend of mine, the guy who had her in his phone as "FuckBuddy" was.... my brother. He'd said that she was mad at him, but wouldn't tell me why, so I texted her and asked. This was the response I got back. He's just a dick sometimes, tries to be funny, but in this case, it fell horribly short. Everyone in his Phone Book has code names, it's not just her. But she did NOT like the name he gave her, especially as they were about to move in together. Now they're both signed onto an apartment lease, and I don't know if she'll forgive him.

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#11 hell ya, #14 you are a slut and no one asked ya dumb cunt

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omggggg that sucks! he's an asshole.

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#17 rofl. fuck bitches get money

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ha u should have dun him

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u should of dun him

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i just changed "is a pussy ass bitch" back to the name. hahaha. funny.

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lmaoo!!! dum bitch

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omg. i would be sooo pissed. what a jerk...like all guys.

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All guys are jerks because of what one guy put in his phone? I take it you're single? Yes he's an asshole but sounds like she's a bit of an asshole too for only just realising what he's like! They sound made for each other!

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C'mon, guys, this is my brother you're talking about. He's not an asshole, really. He has an odd sense of humor. I think the reason he started labeling people like that is because we know a lot of Jamies, Caseys, and Ashleys. So he put them in as ways he can remember them, and then did everyone like that. My nickname in his phone is "MuffinTop." I don't have a muffin top, it's a nickname stemming from a REALLY bad haircut our mom did right before school pictures, in third grade.

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I call my bf fuckface...

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"Fuckbuddy" in guy language, is the person who means most to you. The pleasure bringer, the one who good times happen when they are around. Dont take it negativly, "Fuck buddy" means he loves you

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Hey, so...you guys are buddies...like friends. At least he didn't have you in the book as "Goodfuck."

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you're not drunk, go to FML

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#31 mad props. he knows where its at.

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what an asshole

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I was named once "big titts", fucked him one and fucked him off

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just thought about changing "saggy" back to "Maggie" then realized she preferes "saggy" to ever being flat chested sooo.... its stays.

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Hahahahahahaha omg get over yourself. That's just the way guys think, and if they don't then they might as well be gay. My old boytoy had my in his phone as "Megan my lover:)" I thought it was cute. But fuckbuddy is even better. He loves you girl. Get over it!

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I think if one more person talks smack about my brother Imma slap a hoe!

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hahahahahaha if I found that id laugh my ass off

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