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Ftl1gs Hooray! the one who wrote is a cool guy..!

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BMX BikeA bike is a 2 wheeled vehlice that is powered by you.The use of a bike is to travel around. A bike is a type of transport. It is good exercice. How does a bike works?Have you ever gotten on your bicycle and wondered how it works? Bikes are really a bunch of simple machines that work together. Wheels, pedals, gears, and brakes are all simple machines. It works by pedals which clip on to a metal chain. The pedals are made out of plastic which proveds a foot rest when you stop. The pedals rotates the chain which causes the bike to move. If you want to understand how bicycles work, you also need to know a little bit about physics. Bicycles obey the laws of physics. The laws of physics that you should know to be able to understand more about your bike are force and motion, gravity, inertia, and friction. How does it stear?The direction of a bike is controlled by handels, which are cliped on to the front wheel. Sometimes you have a bell or brakes. On a BMX Bike it has only one brake.To be continude

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ah, then do somethign like “pg_createcluster 9.0 test”, copy /etc/postgresql/9.0/test to /e9tgposc/resql/t.0/main, then “pg_dropcluster 9.0 test” again, and update the datadir in the /main configuration file.

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