(264): I have good news and bad news.. (Rcvd) whats the bad news? (Sent) Me and my gf broke up.. :( (Received) awww.. im sorry.. whats the good news? (Sent) Me and my gf broke up :) come over? (Received) on my way

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yeah this didnt happen

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i bet it did. girls r mad easy. shes probably a slut anyways

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wow, i just love how this guy is with another girl probably not an hour after breaking up with his girlfriend and the girl gets called a slut.

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number two? really? nothin like a man whore. I hope the herpes feels great on ur dick :)

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this is full of poor grammar, probably from the infestation of herpes simplex.

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Awe really guys, come on. Who the fuck really cares? You don't know these people, you don't know them. So why judge?

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I agree with number 6. we dont know who these people are...so just read them and enjoy the laughter...otherwise stay off the site.

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Yeh this site is to laugh and the shit people right not freak the fuck out about it. Relax you prudes!!!!

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Whoops write. Don't use touch screen high

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most girls are sluty but who cares it is just a word gguys like sex just as much as we do so i guess we are just all sluts,,,,,,,,,,,,

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you're all fucking whores. i laughed at this and then you. #13 is laughing with me.

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