(804): Isn't the perk of being in a relationship not having to put in effort for sex?

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Should be, unless your girlfriends a cunt who is convinced she doesn't enjoy sex and wants to make you beg for it. I figure, if I cut my bf off, im essentially cutting myself off, which is just dumb. Wake up ladies!

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Hell YEAH!

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Uh no! This is why people cheat. Fucking idiot!

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obvisoly u havent been married.

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hey im a girl and i completly agree with this, too many one night stands has to high a chance of STD's....so i say f*ck em every night. lol

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Your an idiot

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in a relationship you have to fight through the drama and feelings, and bullshit you may or may not have done to get halfway to her even starting to think about fucking you.

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