(218): remember all the times you turned down the idea of having butt sex instead of regular sex? well i bet you regret saying no after you took that pregnancy test bitch. now i'm a fucking dad

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hey your the one that fucked her.

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ImRYB9 Author, Shoot yourself a knee..!

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Hey remember all those times u didn't put a condom on...if u didn't u will now LMAO

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LOL at #2

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she still should have been down with giving the dude his Brown Belt.

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haha true that ya jerk, u had no problem having sex with her so u shouldve had no problem takin any responsibility tht comes with it

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you can still get pregnant form anal sex you moron

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During anal sex, ejaculation occurs in the anus -- which is not connected in any way to the female reproductive tract (i.e., vagina, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes). But any time semen comes in contact with the vagina, such as by dripping from the anus during anal sex, there is a possibility of becoming pregnant. The odds are not high, as the sperm would have to stay alive after dripping out of the anus and making their way up into the vaginal cavity, but the possibility is still there.

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your fucked, end of story

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Hey remember all those times you didnt pull out? Have fun in 9 months

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well it' snot just the chick's fault..i mean the guy was teh one who she had sex with so obviously the baby is his responsibilty just as much

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#6 yeah right and you can also get pregnant from swimming in a public pool or in a hot tub with seamen in it.

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#11 he is right. Look it up.

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#11 your a fucking moron

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Hey remember when #6 and #11 made the most fucktarded comments ever? Dipshits........ BTW enjoy your little seed running around in a year or so bitch.

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Hey remember when #14 thought it takes a year or so for a child to be born( or to be running whichever you meant is still wrong) thus making him look like the fucktard?

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dum shit baby dont run as soon as they come out, mamaguebo.

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you can still get pregnant with buttsex moron, how about you wrap up your junk before you blame a girl for putting your sperm inside her

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Or even better, make the bitch get on birth control

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ok, all the morons who keep insisting that you can get pregnant through butt sex...you're all fucking idiots

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yeah, anal cannot get you pregnant. fact.

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it's all her fault that you can't put on a condum you fucking douche bag

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seriously some people need to go back to grade 4 health, you cannot get preggers through butt sex.., the butt and vag are not connected, two totally different systems going on.., otherwise people would be shitting out babies some people..

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you CANNOT get pregnant from anal. Only if you're a fucking moron and dip it back in the vag... it's called education

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You can get pregnant through anal but it is very rare, yes the anal cavity and vagina cavity are not connected, but semen can leak out of the anal cavity and reach the vagina, and through a very unlucky occurance reach the egg. yes it is VERY rare to happy, it can still happen though

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thanks for being so supportive honey.

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Contraceptives, use them guys & girls. You can still get pregnant while using condoms.

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Boy cool dude. Man up, it takes 2 to make a baby. With any luck the child will turn out more like the mother....

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* No, you cannot get pregnant from actual anal sex alone. * But remember that you can get pregnant if sperm gets into the vagina before or after the anal sex. * It is still very important to use protection during anal sex. Unprotected anal intercourse puts you at high risk for many sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. Proper use of condoms can reduce the risk of contracting dangerous infections.

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Oh shit lets all fight about something so fucking stupid! good idea guys, yeah? LETS FUCKING FIGHT ABOUT IT. haha your all retarded.

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all those people who think anal leads to sex obviously know because they came out of thier mothers crap shoot, and yea i stooped low enough to get involved, fuck. But, the ass is not the vagina I just want everyone to know their not connected, read a fucking book, or just ask a woman.

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#11 was clearly being sarcastic

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Remember all the times you had sex with a woman when you obviously really wanted to have sex with a man,well I bet you should have just come out of the closet,now you are a sperm donor you bitch, now man up

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Hooray to all the incapable fathers out there! Idiot.

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Moron. Its not her fault. You needs a guys sperm to make a baby. Your the dumbass. Dont want to be a father keep it in your fucking pants

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I agree with 638888. Keep in your pants, you fucktard. She should dump you.

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