(651): i may or may not have just grinded on your dog thinking it was my boyfriend

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hahaha!! priceless!! ur fucked little buddy. throw a sweatshirt back there, and hope she doesn't notice!!

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Kaylee:I am worried about the fact that the buiells are physical with you; getting pushed down the stairs is very dangerous. It's time for you to take some action by involving an adult with authority to protect yourself. Find an adult you trust and feel comfortable to talk with maybe it's your English teacher, maybe your guidance counselor, maybe it's an aunt or a priest or rabbi. You need to tell someone what's going on. You aren't being a tattle-tale. You are protecting yourself. I don't want to see you ending up with broken bones.A bully buiells because he can, because no one is willing to make him stop. The buiells need to know that it is not okay, and there is punishment for their behavior. The only way that is going to happen at this point is if you talk to someone. They may threaten that you better not tell someone, but that is only their way for them to ensure that they can keep on bullying (because once someone knows, they know they will get in trouble). Someone NEEDS to know this is going on. If they hear from an adult about the trouble they could be in for the bullying, they will stop. Schools are very serious about bullying these days. They don't want it. They want to stop it. And they want to punish those that do it. But the only way they can do that is if they know about it. Please let someone in your school know either through a teacher, a parent, a relative or another adult you trust. This isn't about just standing up for yourself. This is about your safety.Hope this helps. Stay Strong. You are too important and too special not to speak to someone about this.dana

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Hydrogen Peroxide, no joke. It'll bubble up, and then just wipe it off.

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