(518): i got last night's adventure to take the garbage out when he was leaving. my vagina is THAT good.

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Don't flatter your self

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Jeg ser x-factor, men det er tydeligt at se at de snyder. Der er autotune pÃ¥, og Tine afÃd¸srele sin playback i sangen.Jeg bliver frustreret nÃ¥r de har prøvet sÃ¥ meget for at finde nogle gode sangere, og sÃ¥ fÃ¥r de ikke lov til at synge live alligevel. Forsvandt pointen ikke der?

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ur vagina smells like garbage, better yet the dirty sore u call a pussy stinks worse than the city dump, and looks like a wet phonebook with gnats flying around it!

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Oh I get it! It's funny because normally the guys just leave after having sex with her but this one actually did something for her in return!

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Good sex or nice guy? Who knows! But we do know who hasn't gotten laid recently based on the bad smelling vag responses!

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I think the "good vagina" she's referring to is the pussy of man she had sex with.

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bahahaha #5

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aww guys be nice. mebbe her vag isnt quite as gross as you think.

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well with her calling them all 'adventures' I'm sure it can't smell like roses..

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Yea it may have been good enough for him to want you to do it again but way to wreak it by being a demanding bitch

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