(Anonymous): Last night, "What do nine out of ten people enjoy? Gang rape." MDTxt

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rape in never funny, fuck you

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Hi Karla:This guy has a problem. He likes you, and you don't like him back. Instead of acepnticg it, he wants to hurt you. Good choice in not being with this guy he obviously has issues and would not make a good boyfriend. Keep your head high. He is hurt and angry. Have you talked to him? Tell him that you really want to be his friend but he's making it hard? If he still is being a jerk, maybe you need to tell him, hey I'm sorry it isn't working out for us, but if you keep saying nasty stuff about me, i might have to tell someone, and i really don't want you to get in trouble. See if that helps. He may figure out it's not worth getting in trouble over. Also, if anyone repeats his comments to you, you might want to say, it's too bad he feels he has to say this stuff cause I hurt him by not being with him. I liked him as a friend, but he's making that hard now. Hope this will help you, and I hope you keep knowing that you're important and that you did nothing wrong.dana

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If this is true... Shouldn't the "great night" tally outnumber the "bad night" tally 9-1?

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that's not funny fucking assholes.

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Hahaha hilarious the group should get whats better for the whole

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bash quote. fail.

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fail. rape is never funny

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massive flop. not funny at all.

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rape is NEVER funny.. i was raped.. i hope whoever that fuhhk this is they get fuhhkin raped and the shit beat outta them!! stupid ass eater!

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not funny you fucking dumbass!!

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Rapes just another name for surprise sex

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its not rape if you yell surpise while raping them, pulling out to get more breath is ok

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