(919): i sent my bf a pic of my boobs last night....he didnt txt back for 3 hours. and when he did he said sorry i was busy....win??

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sounds like a HELLA loss to me! um. if i sent my man a pic of my titties, he'd drop pretty much ANYTHING he was doing to text me or he'd just come over. what was he busy doing? if its anything other than like ...knitting with his grandma or something, then you must have horrible tits.

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Wow girl! I love it. Our TV was put in the basement for that reason - get it out of the main rooms. We also are very puspurefol about when they can watch it. I admit, there are times I need to pop in a video so I can close my eyes. I can't wait to hear how your week goes! We did dump the TV for a eyar when we were first married and it was the best thing ever!

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Or he was fucking your best friend! For three hours!

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def fail.If it was a win he wouldn't have texted back, he'd be at your door ready to jump your bones.

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He obviously masturbated for 3hours over the pic. Id say win. :p

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my ex used to do that definite fail

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need the pic for more indeepth comment

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win. duh.

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Yaaa either way you obviously didn't get any better luck next time Lol.

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fail - a little while yeh he could have been jacking off... but 3 hrs? he was actually doing something else and didnt really care about your tits. -_-

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#10 fail - a little while yeh he could have been jacking off... but 3 hrs? he was actually doing someone else and didnt really care about your tits. -_- Fixed your post for you.

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yeah, DEFINITELY A FAIL! hes not gonna masterbate for three hours over your tits.. and he definitely wouldnt not-reply.. he probably thought if he didnt reply for three hours, youd forget you sent him that pic so he wouldnt have to tell you what he was HONESTLY thinking (which obviouslu was not a good thought or he would've told you) definitely a fail.

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i agree with number 12!

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shit if my gf did that to me i would show her bff, she would get horny, and we'd fuck for 3 hours before i txted back.

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FAIL. You probably have ugly tits

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Have some decency please. You whore

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I guarantee that is the situation for you having ugly titties.

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