(215): S: So we broke up, and i went to visit her at her college cuz she wanted to fuck. R: And?..how was it? S: Well we fucked that night, then she went to class the next morning, and her roommate said she heard everything and it sounded great. She jumped in bed with me. R: YOUR A DAMN MAN WHORE...aka my hero

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forgot the rest of the text: S: and then i woke up alone with my dick in a hole in a stuffed bear

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Lol yep I agree with both of em #2 I like your response better haha

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those things simply don't happen :D

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yall have too much fuckin time on your hands to sit here and comment this shit.

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Dude, bitches are dumb like that, they get good dick, they tell their friends not realizing that women are lazy cunts, so instead of getting their own good dick they go after their friends. Any manwhore will tell you that 85% of chicks he bangs are referrals

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you just commented on this shit dumbass

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