(417): Me and some friends ended up going through a sobriety stop. When we threw all the alcohol in the back a bottle of whiskey broke open so it reaked!!.= The cop checked the drivers eyes and looked at her tits and told us to move through slowly. Epic win?

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thats awesome but if the driver really was drunk u shld be ashamed of urselves.

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na she wasn't, she had just had 2 shots and smoked some weed.

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hahahah thats so funny omg! lol

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LOL thats hilarious!

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how the hell did you break a whiskey bottle those are thick fucking glass

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i have no clue. We just threw it in the back and when we got to a dirt road we jumped out to go to the bathroom cuz it scared the piss outta us and when we looked there was glass and whiskey everywhere!

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