(937): Had sex with a girl and when I was about to cum... I pulled out and shoved it in her mouth... she said...how did you know I liked that... keeper???

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Def. a keeper. Rdt

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for sure keeper!!!

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keeper 100%

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#4 sounds like a total prude

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Is everyone on here under 14?

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oh hell yeah thats a keeper

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#9, of course, you need to be 14 or younger to believe any of this crap is real

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hope u didnt kiss her at all lol

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Young men have a hard time asking women what they like. Hey fellas! If you talk to her a little bit, you might have even MORE fun. Check it out. My gf (now wife) was bold. She used to tell me, "pull it out so I can swallow." Major wood, major ejac. power.

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lmao keepa

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lmao...im a girl and 14...i totally agree with #13...if u talk we usually talk bak cuz im no way in any way shape or form a virgin and idc wat u ppl have got to say to that

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lmao to the teenyboppers.

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haha thx!

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14 years old and not a virgin, each generation is getting more whorish then the other....

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that is so true. 14 and not a virgin yeahhhh you should be proud. wtf is wrong with these teenyboppers

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#15, not even in highschool or just in and already a slut, cheerleader i'm guessing? learn to keep your pants on you skank

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keep it cummin'

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14? Seriously? This is why abstinence-only doesn't work, kids. Just turns girls to whorebags.

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Wtf? can you stereotype any more #19. Most girls that are young and sexually active ARE NOT cheerleaders, your dumb, point blank. On that note, #15 One; your at more risk for an STD. Two; your young, damn. enjoy life, don't act stupid and "show off" by saying your not a virgin, it tends to make people feel SORRY for you. And Three; You say you don't care but i can bet money that you come by once and a while and see what others said on your comment. pathetic? Nope. Just childish.

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#22 when i went to high school every cheerleader was not a virgin, and very whorish, every week a different man. so i sorta agree with #19. yes they aren't the only ones but they normally are the leading ones.

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umm i agree with #22 on that if a 14 yr old is having sex there usally being presured or think it'll make them popular

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I'm 14... Can I say I am a virgin? Or is someone going to bash me for that?

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#26 , that is worth being proud of :)

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yeah but i guess if you feel ready for it then thats fine.. wether havin sex at 14 or still a 18 yr old virgin, its all perfectly normal...

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#15 here and just to let u all no ive only slept with one guy and ive been with him for 3 years and im not a cheerleader...ya sure some ppl call me a slut or a whore but i just tell them to go get a life...if ur going to criticize my life and u dont even no me then y dont u start doing it to urself cuz evidently u have issues

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and btw i do enjoy life...i enjoy it MY way

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That's a freaking keeper!!! And #15 that's impressive, a teenage relationship lasting for 3 years, I salute you!

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thx at least i get one positive response

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I kinda have to laugh reading that convosation....just be careful being 14 and having sex, im 15 and still a virgin so its your decision...but be careful :)

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im going to laugh when she gets pregnant and has a kid at 15. But at the same time i will feel sorry for the baby..

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haha this somehow became an intervention for teens having underage sex:p

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#15 when you die a Whore-able death due to your dirty fucking habits youll care... mean while if i wasnt such a douche id have something other to say i lost my v card at 15 woot

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15 is mad cause daddy took it hahahahahaha

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15, if you didn't want people commenting on your life and the fact that you're not a virgin, why the hell did post that here?

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alot of teens are having sex theses days...half of my school has had sex, but i am saving it for someone i think is right :] but 14. come on what has happened to the world!

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All the freshmens are whores now a days, they think its a way to make them look cool and get them notice by the older kids. Where the seniors just think it makes them whores and trash and want nothing to do with them. unless its one of the older guys the go for freshmen sluts because they can't get anyone there own age.

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fourteen years old?!?! thats a bit ridiculous... and just because you have been dating him for three years doesn't mean anything. you started dating him when you were 11... did you even know what having a boyfriend meant then??? you are fucking your life over right about now.

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i dont see anything wrong with losing ur v card at 14. hell, it happened to me too. i didnt do it to make me cool or whatever. i did it cuz its prolly one of the greatest things in my life now. lol i dont see what all the hype is about. im a guy tho, so im prolly not gonna get bashed as bad as #15. ah well.

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chill the f*** out some kids sexually mature faster than others, its nature

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yea.... I am going with #35...I posted this txt...it really did happen....we dated for a long time...

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Is every comment here a reply to #15 comment? KEEPER!

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Oh definitely keeper!

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Right, cuz when i find a girl who I think is a keeper, and/or when I have a great sexual experience, the first thing i do is send a fucking text message to a pathetic website filled with loser teenagers with no friends and pedophiles trying to prey on them... jesus titty-fucking christ, y'all are sadder than a mosquito sucking on a mummy... really. Just keep jacking your weiner and stay quiet about it; you don't need to make up fantasies to impress complete strangers, dick nose

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Total keeper, man. @49: Somebody's bitter...

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wow, people are so sensative lmao....Keeper

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Keeper! How did 14 year olds get started in this?

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#49, you are the only person other than me I've ever heard use that phrase. High fucking five, dude.

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[to clarify, I am referring to "Jesus titty-fucking Christ"]

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keeper and 14 and not a virgin yea gj FAIL!!

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#28 what would you say to a 20 year old virgin?

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so you lost your virginity at 14...when you turn 19 your going to wish you saved it for the person you're starting to care about the most. regret will settle in. good luck

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hey hey now children, it's are bodies and we should be able to decide what to with them. I'm 15 and i lost mine this summer and yes i'm a cheerleader. But i'm an honor roll student with a varsity letter in diving and water polo. Can you really say that i'm a whore?

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Yes, your a whore..jks anyway KEEPER

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keeper =)

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#22 was bothering me with the insult to people's intelligence.. yet failed to used the proper YOU'RE. Fail.

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And into the stereotype, i may of lost my virginity at 14 but A. I'm not pregnant nor was I ever. and B i am now 19 and in a stable relationship with an amazing guy and in reality, people judge more critically sitting behind a computer screen than they do face to face.

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use* not used

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i would say what i wanted to your face, but well i can't so yeah, 14 and losing your virginity just labels you as a whore. and ohhh #59 your a smart whore good for you

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Wow. Some 14 year olds haven't even started their periods yet, and other are having sex. I'm sure pedophiles love reading this thread.

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question. is 18 year old virgin the new 40 year old virgin?

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She didn't like it, she's just sucking up to you.

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I'm 34 and a virgin. I think you should be at least 40 to have sex.

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This Text is so Fuckin stupid, who would honestly want to do this to a woman? All the fuckin lies, bad ideas for the mind. Treat your woman with repsect, not like an object. To all of you who do this, learn what the word gentleman means!

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I am a 30 year old virgin, yahoo!

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I`ve just laughed me way through this thread. Swiping your V cards at this age is common these days..but that still doesn`t let you off the hook for being a whore. But everyone`s already found their soulmate at 14 & 15, so hell, why not? Fuck the dude and become the crack-loving prostitute waking up in the dumpster with a used, broken condom on your face. Let`s see how this catches up to you in the long run, kiddo

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Great Post #72, you are sooooo WISE!

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I am in love with 72, no condoms on my face!

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I am not a virgin, but I am married, so I am not suppose to be. Stay a virgin till married if you can. That way you save yourself for that special someone, you are worth it and don't forget it!

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So many things to say... First #59, if you're an honor roll student I'd hope you know the difference between OUR and ARE. And your 15, you can't call everyone else children. And just because this girl lost her virginity at 14 does not been she's a whore or a slut. Everyone is different, only she can decide what she thinks she's ready to do. Whether her choice is right or wrong is not anybody else's to decide. However, feeling the need to post that she is 14 and not a virgin and doesn't care what people have to say about it, shows that she is insecure about it. The comment was totally unnecessary to make her point. If she really needs to go online to talk about it, then I pity her.

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Definitely keep her. You need to take her home to mom for a demo!!!

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#13 married a whore!!!!

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#15 you are already a slut, congradulations. You should be pretty strched out by the time you are 20, congradulations, a slutty woman, now is that something to be proud of, I wonder??

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#76 it is always an anything goes attitude with you! Next you will be thinking an 8 year old should be doing it! Man where are your limits, oh that is right you son't have any!! After all if it feel good do it!! Doesn't matter if it is good or harmful for you, just do it...do do doit!! Do you know how to spell m.o.r.a.l.s.? Do you know God? I didn't think so! You push others away from God and you teach fullfill all of your fleshly desires, no matter what. I would sat satan loves you! What ya think, true.true.true!

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#76, oh by the way I know that you think that you are perfect, well you aren't just to let you know

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I am a 80 year old virgin looking for sex. I am a wrinkly white male anyone interested?

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from the vag to the mouth gross. This isn't true, come on.

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sick, I tell you sick

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I am 92 and a hot white wrinkly female looking for love in all the wrong places.

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Alright normally I hate battling people online, but #80, how dare you insult me like that. I'll have you know that I am very religious and yes, I do know what the bible says. It gives me guidelines for how to live my life and what I need to do to live an eternal life. However, it does not tell me that I need to push my views onto other people, or punish them should they choose to sin. EVERYBODY SINS. That's why Jesus died on the cross. Kind of the whole point of Christianity. Sorry if I'm a little more open-minded and accepting than you. God teaches us to be kind to one another, whether they are sinners or not.

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okay! we get it already! #15 is a slut. and a good girl in a long lasting relationship. and is whore-able. and is crazy for having sex at 14. WHO FUCKING CARES! if she wants to fuck up her life, let her fuck it up. if she think's she doing the right thing, let her do it. shit, STFU about #15, we're SUPPOSED to be commenting about this guy and his awesome girl. YES, SHE'S A KEEPER. any girl that likes that shit is a keeper, cause since us girls like that shit, we won't get pregnant. lol, just kidding. but it won't be as likely if the guy busts in your mouth. lmao

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Agreed with #87

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Sex is great...Have it...

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True #76.(also #86). But you still are missing the main point. You still have a anything and everything goes attitude, so you are encouraging others in a life of sin. You should be leasing them away from sin rather than leading them into sin, don't you think? So if you know the Bible and you know how to have eternal life, why aren't you trying to also lead other in the same direction. Why is it okay for them to sin and maybe end up in hell all because you didn't want to push your beliefs on them? Gentle pushes are good..you could save someone from their own pain and suffering by their sin. Set a good example and love as Christ loved, I know that you can! Now you go girl!!! Or Guy!!!!!!!!

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We all should love #15 and tell her it is never to late to change your life. Do it for you #15!

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God lovers need to get the fuck away, nothing to do with this. We already established #15 is a whore, what the world is breeding those whores young again like in the old days where 40 year old men married 13 year old girls and had kids, woooo. now to the ACTUAL TOPIC.. total win.

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im 14 and i think this is disgusting......having sex at my age is so wierd!

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Good for you sweetheart, take care of yourself and don't be fooled by the texts or comments. You are one smart person, good job!^^^^^^^#93!!!!

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#92, ya whatever yousay Jim.

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this is an interesting conversation ! p.s. Ima sophmore and still a virgin (:

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Good for you sweetie! Good for you, be proud of yourself! #96!!!!!!!! :)

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i lost my virginity when i was 8 >.< does that make me a whore? (well, i guess i should include that i was raped and wasn't my choice to loose it then.)

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Of course NOT! #98

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Silly made up post.#98, why so silly??

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Cute post #49, quit charming. :)

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#67, you are funnyyyy!!!!!!

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YES! She is a keeper if I ever heard of one! Good girl... I wish I could shake your hand and give you a high-five!

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You do so ya? ^

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You do do ya? ^^

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# 28 is a virgin!!! #15 is a whore cheerleader and # 22, STFU!!

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#49 = GOD

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#22 is cool #28 is cool #15 could be cool if she would stop having sex, way to young to run your life like that. #106 is cool. COOL!!!!!!!!

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No thank you to sloppy seconds.

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26, go you. 15, go you too. quit bashing people for their personal choices. its not your vag, so stfu.

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Goofy post^ doesn't make sense?

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keeper :)

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She's a keeper!! Ask her if she wants to do a bukkake with a bunch of friends.

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actually, im twenty five and i started dating this guy at fourteen, we actually did love eachother and in almost a year we made love, and it was magical, and now to this very day i just got married to that man, we didnt do it to be cool or anything, we did it because we loved eachother, and hes the man im going to grow old with now.we broke up about two times during highschool, but went to collages close to eachother and saw eachother all the time and once we were both done with school, he propsed now i am proud to say i have been happily married one year. and am carrying a 4month old child. but i guess im just one of the lucky ones.

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number 19, fuck you i a cheerleader! and im not a whore or slut. so go fuck yourself!

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lots of sex generally doesn't stretch out a vag

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having sex a lot makes you a slut, not a whore. accepting money for sex makes you a whore.

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having sex young is a bad idea

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on the other hand, sex can be very nice, so having sex is a good idea.

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OP--girl is a keeper, you are not. You're a douchebag.

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Ok the average age for people to lose their virginity is currnetly 15 so being 14 is not that big a difference.

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That is terrible, wayyyy to young. I am still a virgin and I am in my early 20's. No thanks, I don't want a baby, or anything else. ^^^I never could kill a human life, never!!!

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1) yes your girl is a keeper 2) just cause someone lost their virg young dosent make them a whore, situation dictates a lot, 3) genetics has a lot to do with when someone is ready for sex so once again no bashing 4) theres nothing wrong with pre marital sex and this country would do well to get outta a narrow minded christian viewpoint and have an open mind and be accepting of other peoples feelings and if you wanna know who this is commin from im a 20 year old neopagan male, with a 1 year old son that is my world, that i am fighting my psycho ex for custody of.

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Good luck, I hope that you get custody of your child #123, you obviously love him very much. 20 and you have a lot of resposibility, hope everything turns out really well for the two of you! But I disagree and wish people would wait till marriage, that's all.

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:) i do this.. not the greatest thing in the world.but hell.. he thinks its hot. :)

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i had more fun reading the comments than when reading the text. religious remarks, "save sex for marriage" etc. pp. hilarious! why do you people keep spreading this? it's your opinion, don't blame others when they don't share it. have sex when you're ready for it and want it- and be it 13, as long as you're physically and mentally ready. when did the male writers here lose their virginity? wouldn't they receive congrats at least from some commentors when they told it was with 12? cheerio!

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#15 just becareful. i was 15 and in a 4 year relationship when we decided we were ready to have sex, we always used a condom but i wasn't very careful at taking my birth control pills everyday and one time the condom broke and then happy 16th birthday, positive pregnancy test. I'm 18 and i have a 2 year old daughter and her dad is now 21 and at the bar all the time. i work my ass off to pay for my daughter while my husband (yes we got married while i was pregnant) spends his paycheck at the bar. neither of us have a great job. and were barely making it work and i wake up everyday knowing i basically asked for this by having sex at such a young age...life lesson be careful.. haven't missed a birth control pill since and i haven't had sex without a condom ever

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// but dont get me wrong i love my daughter with everything i have and im happy. i just wish i could offer her more. i wont ever be able to because im a high school drop out. i love her and dont consider it a mistake but i would take more precautions if i were put back in that situation again

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ohh and #34..not cool to laugh at someone in that situation. im not just saying that because i was 16 aand pregnant. i am saying that because not all 15-16 yr olds make bad mothers. yeah im a hs drop out but im a damn good mom, my daughter has never missed a doctors appt, is always dresses properly for the weather, and i haave a 3 year old brother and my mom is asking me questions on things he does because i tend to know what to do. idk how i just have a motherly instinct and #15 could make a good mom if she were to get pregnant, you dont know her so you dont know thats shes a fuck up

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id bite that shit off.

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yo youd be fuckin stupid to let that one go

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why are 14 year olds even on here?

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where in ohio are you?!?!

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jsisaacs (1 Points) (+1, -0) 7 years ago

Good lord!!! what the fuck is wrong with u people!?!? save ur lectures for a boring blog! this was supposed to be a funny thing to read when ur bored! not a site to teach adolescents about sex, religion, and how to live their lives! i mean seriously! just laugh at the fucking txt n move the fuck on!!

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