(586): (I been drunk and I was confused who I was talking to so this what it led too) Shane: Hey Me: I sorry over time I became a drunk mess Shane:What? Me: Idek with in 10 minutes after you felt (left) I am fucked Shane: I don't even understand what's going on, I was gonna see if you wanted to hang out but prob not I take it Me: Ler (let) me up datevyou in the morning i bad right now Lol im fine probably need ti sleep idf Shane: Or hangout with me lol Me: Ohhhhh I have no pants and im2 abo2 to oss2 out Shane: Boo lol Me: Lol well idek why im weird Shane: Haha it's fine xD Me: I cant even teel my norma0 self Shane: It's fine lol I'll ask some other time to hangout Me: Dude I'm not there to understand Shane: Not where lol Me: Whstttttt

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