(254): (254): Don't come home yet, mum and dad are fucking (254): Umm ... Gotta hate autocorrect right? (254): No, I'm serious, I just walked in on them and i think i wanna die (254) WHAT THE HELL?!!! (254) I said don't come home yet...

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MrQFALMoE (0 Points) (+0, -0) 6 years ago

And I thought I was the senbsile one. Thanks for setting me straight.

oem software (0 Points) (+0, -0) 6 years ago

CxmRVk Yeah, now it's clear !... And firstly I did not understand very much where there was the link with the title itself !!...

Wayne Boich (0 Points) (+0, -0) 6 years ago

JzOBLK The Author is crazy..!

Shave Gel (0 Points) (+0, -0) 6 years ago

Thank you very much! I took it for myself too. Will be useful!!...

Bristol Airport Hotels (0 Points) (+0, -0) 6 years ago

wCcse4 Muchos Gracias for your blog article. Keep writing.

Asshole (1 Points) (+1, -0) 4 months ago

I love my wonderful boyfriend Mark Dougherty he is my lovely sweet heart and I never will rid of him I will keep as a boyfriend and Lois frazier should keep mouth clothes and put tapes on her lip to keep shut

Bitches (1 Points) (+1, -0) 4 months ago

I love you Rachel frazier i really do miss you so much and gust what I finly gotta boyfriend his named is Mark Dougherty but he like to drive me crazy alot

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