(312): I like need to be put on a leash at concerts...i always end up hooking up with someone...

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YQqC0H I value the blog.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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Thank you, Cheryl!I had missed your original post regarding this, and as I am not one who uses many cosmetics or &quyo;beautt" products, would have passed this right by. However, you saying hair care products and the $3 ECB on one's birthday (with mine coming up in a few weeks) prompted me to go ahead and register for the club.Thanks again!

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Like, you totally like need to be like be put on like a leash at like concerts. Like you are so like totally like cool.

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HAHAHAHA....I hate that shit too

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leash... kinky, but I don't see how it will, like, keep you from hooking up with someone

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