(254): Dude. Think about it. People talk about prostitution like it's so bad. But us bitches are giving it away for free. Who are the real whores? (254): You know what I mean? (254): Hello?

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speak for yourself, i can't put a price on my pussy

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gWOc38 I decided to help and sent a post to the social bookmarks. I hope to raise it in popularity!!....

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Want to let you know right off the bat that I am a total rookie when it comes to blogs.You menetonid something on here (on May 27th) about the columns resizing. Well I think that is the problem I am having. I am running 1.3.2 version by the way. When I put in 2 columns, it is very nice. When I switch to 3 columns, my pictures all go off center and basically all which a way. I'm thing if I could expand the column a little bit, it would fit the pictures back in fine. The pictures were good with a previous 3 column theme I was using before, so this confused me. Please let me know something on this soon. You know I looked at over 500 themes today, I've dwindled it down to 9 now, and this one, so far is my favorite of the 9. I'm waiting t see what my few readers think of it.Oh, and is there a way to have a # of hits to the blog displayed on the front page?Thanks for the great, free theme. When/If I start making some money on this darn thing, I'll remember to sent you a nice donation.

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