(337): She told me that for my birthday, she would get the word "HARDER" tattooed on her lower back. I love this girl.

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nice :)

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rDrZwy I read online (computer problems) positive feedback about your resource. Didnt even believe it, and now saw myself. It turned out that I was not fooled!...

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hey i have the word bigger tattooed on my back some guy at work convinced me that it was a great idea

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Who would say this is a bad night?

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what a classy dame. can i get her number cuz i think i love her

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i see u met my ex!

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You are too cute Jim too cute to be true, yes that is you! Why do I feel the way I do. I am NOT even entitled to. You have so much going for you. You really are a great guy...so damb smart, and so darn funny, I love how you make me laugh! WHY must I feel this way? Such a age difference too, at least I think so? How do you do it? Take Care funny guy. xo I had to send ahug and kiss, but as friends, I will behave. Stella

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Time to get some shut eye...ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz I wonder what I will dream about tonight, who knows maybe the song Tatoo, ha ha. I had to bring the text into it somehow and I know you know the song. Crush, now that is a good one.

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I just wonder how many sheep I will count before I fall asleep, all alone, the sheep will be good company..baa baa.

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Cynical to some degree is good. But I see you smiling in your writing too. Smile and others will smile back at you. Especailly when I see a heart that is good insideof you, a good decent, moral guy,that is you. You just want the world to wake up, I understand that too. Have a great day. ;)

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I can't be here anymore, I love it too much. Only one text, you will find it. A penny for your thoughts.

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...what the hell. Why are you posting up a huge fucking monolouge? I mean really, if you feel that way, let him know so he can smash your hopes and GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE

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to me that tells me ur not to able... shes has to tell u HARDER??? LOSER

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Only in Louisiana.

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#10 HAHA HA HA I hope you find spiders in your bed!!!! Now look at whose dreams are smashed. I can hardly write I am laughing so much!

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Gee I never knew having people bitch could be so much FUN!

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This is getting off topic.

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The Tatoo should say "Harder Willy Fuckalottapus, the pelvic punisher"

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I have a aunt with that on her back supposably!

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