(254): Yeah. it's the end of the semester. We sold all our text books. We have party money!

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A bike is a type of transport.It is used for trvaling and is good to exicise.A bike is powerd by pedals and a chain.They require force when you move your feet,so if you move your feet faster the bike will travel faster.You can go round and round and back and foword. There are diffrant kinds of bikes such as kilds bikes,adult bikes BMX bikes,mountain bikes, racing bikes, traviling bikes,trysicales and many many more.

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The actual heihgt from the ground of the saddle on a mountain bike is higher than it is on a road bike. This is because you have to have more ground clearance off road. The appearance is an optical illusion caused by the relatively higher position of the handlebars on a mountain bike. Road wheels don't change anything

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