(623): (Received from my boss): "So I heard from my sister you guys hooked up..."

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oh noes!

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IKoBfi Thanks so much for the post.Much thanks again. Awesome.

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Nice, but not too impressed with the zipper. Zipper does not cover the entire top of ba8go&230;d#esn’t slide easily and seems to be of poor quality. I am seriously thinking of removing the flap that the zipper is stitched on anyway. Only two small inner pockets…opened space…nowhere to safely secure a purse or other such items. Very attractive so I am not sorry I bought this bag. I would recommend it as a ‘cover bag’ where you could shelter a smaller more secured purse or just for stuffing bags while you shop.

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u fired

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that is truly badass. anom salutes you.

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Anon salutes you as well.

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Run to the hills...

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