(707): I heard the sounds of women grunting in the living room. My husband knows I don't like him to watch porn, so I confronted him. He was masturbating to professional Women's tennis.

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Canuck_25 (0 Points) (+1, -1) 8 years ago

"...I don't like him to watch porn" Pull the stick out and join the fun.

32840 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

why can the guy watch himself some porn?

82633 (1 Points) (+1, -0) 8 years ago

well if you weren't such a prudish bitch about the porn (or blow him more often...), he wouldn't have to resort to such silly things!

82638 (1 Points) (+1, -0) 8 years ago

If you won't put out it's unfair that he cant watch chicks on the internet put out. Quit being a bitch.

what???? (1 Points) (+1, -0) 8 years ago

you won't let him watch porn?? Why hasn't he told you to fuck off and gone and found a real woman, instead of an insecure little girl yet?

82645 (1 Points) (+1, -0) 8 years ago

cause he wasn't smart enough to get away before he got married. we all make mistakes....

knowsall (-1 Points) (+0, -1) 8 years ago


werwer (-1 Points) (+0, -1) 8 years ago

if i wanted to read something from F M L id go there. this is terrible.

82656 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

Man, this post has been on the Internet for like a year, stop being a Douche and come up with your own stuff

82717 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

nice drunk text this is impressive

82801 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

this is funnier cuase im from the 707. hahaha

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