(816): I feel like a partial birth abortion except I survived the abortion and now I'm just a retard...

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Got that one this morning.

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bCelkv Great blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Want more.

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i actually saw a Jerry springer once where they had people that were supposed to be aborted, but they survived!.....can u imagine living your life KNOWING that!!

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So sad number 2. I saw a beautiful young woman on a Catholic Station that was suppose to be aborted. Her twin brother was killed and she survived. She goes around the country and speaks and has the support f her mother. Imagine being her mother. I hate abortion, people don't realize what they are doing to themselves, and yes their baby is human.

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I feel for many women, because they have to live with the consequences of abortion, it is a CHOICE that they made. A CHOICE they have to live with the rest of their life. I am grateful I didn't put myself in that position to even come close to having to make that choice. But then again it was grace.

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To those who have suffered from abortion there is Rachael's Project. I wish you the best in your healing proscess. Please get the help you need, don't let the pain take over your life. You can forgive yourself, and help others, from making the same mistake.

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Funny place to show mankind you care, but it is where the rubber meets the road, right!

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As if people are debating abortion on a site deticated to stupid things you've sent or recieved when drunk ...

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Hey you never know where a person is at that needs to hear someone cares. I know when I use to get high, I felt so alone and when those times came I hated where I was. A caring word, was all I needed. So extend yourself to others when you can. Yes I use to have great highs too, where I would laugh until I cried and even almost wet my pants. Those were the days...

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Think is going all the way worth it?

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im pro abortion, u ppl r so selfish. if a women is raped and become prego...how can that EVER b a happy relationship? i wouldnt want something growing in me for 9 months reminding me of something terrable everyday. And above all its shouldb the womens choice if she wants to get an abortion of not, i mean seriously it doesnt effect ur life, only hers. pl just need to get over themselves...

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This has GOT to be fake. Nobody who was meant to be aborted would themselves have an abortion. And they would certainly not text it to someone. Stop making up stupid stories and posting them on the web.

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PRO LIFE! abortions are horrible! noone should every do that no matter what, even is it goes to a foster home it still had a chance to live

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