(859): sent to my dad: "You should ask her to give you a rusty trombone... Tell her to look it up."

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Rusty trombone is a euphemism for a sexual act in which a man stands with his knees and back slightly bent, with feet at least shoulder width apart in order to expose the anus.[1] The other partner typically kneels behind the man and performs anilingus while reaching up beneath the testicles or around the body to masturbate the man, mimicking the motions of a trombone player.[1][2] The act is defined primarily by the physical orientation of the partners and the combination of analingus with manual penile stimulation; however, other positions and variations are possible.

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sc7zvJ I really enjoy the article.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.

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w00t, go 859!

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The thing is, he did ask her. And she did look it up. Did she do it? Still not sure.

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Number 1 I love how you use words, you are such a turn on! I want to wrap you up in your vocabulary and take you away! Only ---knows what I could do to you, but I will behave.

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haha #7 that's from wikipedia, idiot

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#7, know wonder, it sounded so good, the grammar I mean. And grammar is such a turn on, who would of known, not me....giggle, giggle, he, he!!!! A man's writing is the BEST TURN ON. Unless I have a sexy man in front of me, the one I call the man of my dreams, hum there is another man in my dreams, oh well..I wil get this thing under control one day...but not now, too much fun!

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Who would want to do this?

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Rusty trombone, no thanks!

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that's hot

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mmmm sounds fun

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