(216): somehow we got the entire party to start singing "ill make a man out of you" from mulan. needless to say, that kid had the best keg stand i'd ever seen.

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mike (1 Points) (+1, -0) 8 years ago

lmao me and my friends sing that when we get ripped all the time!

Buy oem (0 Points) (+0, -0) 6 years ago

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78738 (2 Points) (+2, -0) 8 years ago

The Disney generation hath cometh

Quinn (1 Points) (+1, -0) 8 years ago

That is fucking awesome!

79216 (-2 Points) (+0, -2) 8 years ago

Awesomesauce dude.

Bekka (1 Points) (+1, -0) 7 years ago

That is the BEST mental picture ever LMFAO

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