(909): I hate him too. I just want his weed. Is that too much to ask for? :(

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Rh0TVG Thanks-a-mundo for the blog.Really thank you!

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3R7VHO Thank you for your article.Thanks Again.

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The thing I think is ESPECIALLY nuts about Black Friday is the fact that most of the stuff people go after thinking thel1#82&7;yl get a deal on Black Friday is definitely going to be marked down after Christmas. If you stop shopping on a deadline, people you will save a lot of money on Christmas AND all other kinds of presents. There is no reason you can’t buy Christmas presents in January. (the next Christmas, that is, not the previous one!)

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NO! :D

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thats how it goes

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lmfao ahhh ifeel the same wayy lmfao

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No one likes a gold digger. Gold diggers are the cause of most sexism. He paid good money for that weed and risked his ass buyin it. You should respect that, BITCH!

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Is #6 for real? Puttin' up with any guy and his inevitable bullshit is beyond monetary value. Sometimes you got to smoke the pole to get some smoke. Just the way it is.

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I pretend to be friends with potheads to get weed, I'm not a bad person if i smoke my own myself.

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I spent the night with my cousins best friend, thinking this exact same thing.

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WOW. ahhahah sounds like me awhile back.

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