(339): You're going to get that hard to spell STD... so don't fall asleep.

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heheh silly midge :P

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vugDgw Thanks so much for the post.Thanks Again.

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syphalis? ghonareia? hepotits? wich one none of them are hard to spell? AIDS?! mg you have aids!!! you guna get aids!!!! your guna die!! omg dont sleep mahn ur guna die fuck shit!!! i could be an acoplice to a murder!!!! no wait i dot have aids do i? omg i have aids ahaahhhhhahahahahahhhhh shit!!!! sum1 get me a fucking gun mofos!!!! now when do u hear a girl say that? i just went on a hyper one! lol

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Hepotits? Nice. And I'm guessing chlamydia.

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Ghoneria is my guess

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