(602): When I got to his place, he served wine and cheese and made me sit on the balcony while he read his poetry to me. He cockblocked himself.

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mn (-2 Points) (+3, -5) 8 years ago

the 1800s called. they want their lord byron back.

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crork (0 Points) (+0, -0) 5 years ago

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ananamas (2 Points) (+3, -1) 8 years ago

#1 that was the stupidest joke ever..

kitakami (7 Points) (+7, -0) 8 years ago

lord byron called, he wants his joke back

73211 (-1 Points) (+0, -1) 8 years ago

This guy should try beastiality, there would be a sheep that likes to hear a sonnet or two

73266 (-1 Points) (+0, -1) 8 years ago

haha what a d-bag

lollllll (0 Points) (+1, -1) 8 years ago

can you say virgin?

73338 (2 Points) (+3, -1) 8 years ago

And afterward he was probably like "Oh man, how did that not work!? I did everything right!"

73409 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

#1, your wit is wasted here.

73637 (-1 Points) (+0, -1) 8 years ago

There's a LOT more to this situation that I'd like to know about. Was he drunk? Did he do it as a dare? Or is he just a genuinely sweet (albeit a bit awkward) guy and you're a bitch? Because we all know it's wrong for men to have manners these days...

Mr. Boob Inspector (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

Next time be like Cril and GIT DAT PUSSAY

74266 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

I love this man, I could eat him right up and kiss him from the top of his head down to his toes, when the time was right, like on the Wedding Night. He would be worth the wait!!

derp (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

Dude, that's what I was thinking. xD

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