(704): I streaked to ur house! even tho i didn't see u inside i knocked on ur window anyways haha. u weren't there! =[ im naked

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Haha why do I think I know this person XD

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well its me... this was my post =] haha so who r u or tell me the first name of the person u think it is...? do u even live in this area code? haha

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PS how could 13 ppl freakin think this was a bad night?!?!? i had sooo much fun i was drinking from 3pm until lik 5AM. and this happened around 3AM haha it was an aweomse nite =]

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maybe because of the =[

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ohh yea that would make sense. i mean it was my ex bfs house that i went to bc i saw him drive home... he lives lik 3 houses away. but i guess i wanted to get laid so i was sad he didnt answer his window haha

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