(414): I could leave a fucking trail of condoms to my door and he still wouldn't get it that i like him

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someones in the closet...

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Sooooooo.... #1 because they say "put a trail of condoms" you assume that its a guy that hasn't came outta the closet? Nice assumption jackass.

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You don't like him you just want to fuck him, then leave or soon after cheat like the 70% people do now, get a real guy get married and get tested. You'll probably give him an STD. And for Goodness sakes just tell him you just want to have sex and I'm sure he will agree. Go ahead slut.

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#3... BOOO!!!! hahahahah!!!

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Damn #3 who the fuck jizzed in your cornflakes?!

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number 5 you made me giggle

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