(626): Im Naked right now ;-) (rec'd): why am i not invited to this? (sent): you male types, you just can never take a hint (rec'd): what you mean? (sent): for fuck sake, telling u im naked is a hint for come over and fuck me! now hurry up before moaning at you gives me a headache!!! (rec'd): why would moaning give you a headache? (sent): please tell me your joking and not that ure really that thick!!.......... he came over, ive had better

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M0ABho Cool:) I would say say it exploded my brain..!

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B8z1iO Thanks-a-mundo for the article post.Much thanks again. Fantastic.

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the texts should have told you what you were letting yourself in for... lol

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Using guys that is so slutty! You have seen better, guess what he has felt better than you!

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Wow, that's a whole lot of skank.

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soo lame... if it was a dude everyone would call him a stud... this = double standard fail

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I think its funny when people make moral judgements on here... I just want to slap'em and say "seriously!"

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lol but maybe he was just trying to be safe! liek what if you DIDNT mean that and he came over and u were naked what would you do then? :P

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He sounds like a total fucking idiot and I'm not surprised she's had better! The inital answer he should have sent was something like, I'll be right there! And what's with all the judgemental messages, she wanted to get laid so she did! What's the big deal, or is that you can't get laid with a text exchange?

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I love women and their "hints".

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You shoulda let that go after he said "why would moaning give you a headache" man seriously...

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She's a bitch. And a slut. And yes, she is a whore for just randomly texting a guy and asking him to fuck her.

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1st of all how is she a slut and a bitch? Guys do it and the get praised for it so there for women who do have all rights to!

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i have one rule that gets reminded to me every time i look at this website "Never argue with a woman, you only end up loosing"

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