(860): (received) I'm knocked up (sent) whose? (received) my kinda-ex husband (sent) tell him yet? (received) no, was thinking of just making it my fb status and letting one of his gf's relatives deliver the news that he cheated on her w me & got me preggers. evil? (sent) genius

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How about you just get an abortion?

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And how about you just go screw yuourself? The easy way out rarely gets the best result. Besides, she didn't say she didn't want the baby jackass!

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whether or not she wants to keep it, still the BEST way to deliver the news!

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go for the abortion - this isnt Bold & Beautiful - stop being dramatic and save that kid a lifetime of misery..#2 shut the fuck up your taking this waaay too personal...

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Not taking it personally, just don't appreciate the snap avoidance of responsibility...nothing is anyone's fault, no one should have to face consequences. BTB Agree totally with #3!!

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how about since your divorced it means your to old to be posting mdt

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how about jokes on you regardless cause youre pregnant. like HA HA bitch im gunna ruin your life.. oh wait.. im going to be a single mother.. shit.

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Uhm my sister is divorced at 20 haha so the OP may not be too old and btw, that is the BEST way to tell him! Serves the cheatingass right

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I'd say it's equally immoral to be sleeping with some one when you KNOW they're married...and yeah, btw, you ARE still pregnant so good luck with that...

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