(304): I woke up with the taste of dick in my mouth, guess we had a good time last night =) (1-304) I was at work last night...guess we're over

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Not fair, she has no idea what happened, obviously something unplanned happened. If you're going to throw a girl away that easy she's not worth dating in the first place, and/or you're a jackass.

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68077 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

Alcohol impairs your judgment but its still your decision to make

68081 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

im with #2.. you wouldnt do anything while drunk that you didnt already wana do

68082 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

@#1 just because she makes the choice to get drunk or whatever makes it ok to cheat?

68083 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

This is true, however you overestimate (or underestimate, or both really) people. Every girl in a relationship meets guys she wants to fuck, or guys she likes and would date if she were single. Guys do it too. There's a lot of complex shit going on internally that leads to making decisions you really don't want to make, due to... mainly consequences. Crises of conscience, or external factors. Alcohol impairs your judgment less than you'd like to think; but psychologically, it lifts the burden of self responsibility from you. It changes the weight you give to internal factors, which allows you to create illusions in your mind about how you can escape external factors (by excuses, lies, etc). It's important when evaluating a person's actions to evaluate not only the situation they were in; but their later reaction to their own actions. If they don't really care (or don't see a problem), then that's a problem; if they're genuinely unhappy with those events, then that should hold weight in disciplinary decisions. And anyway as I said, if the girl really doesn't mean so much to you that you're willing to try to figure out what's going on and try to retain her, why are you dating her in the first place? (Answer: either sex; or something significant BUT you have a disturbed illusion of how relationships work and can't handle certain uncomfortable situations, so you simply run away from them.)

68084 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

@#3: When you're dating, do you immediately lose all attraction to all other persons in the entire world, for real? I'm sure there's a hell of a lot you want to do, but would it be fair to terminate the relationship for things you honestly have no intent of doing? (Only attacking this particular argument; we can continue on from there, but the discussion becomes complex)

68089 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

I'm with #2.. I get horny when I'm drunk, but I would NEVER cheat on my man. Shit, I wouldn't let myself get that drunk unless my man was there with me in the first place!

68091 (1 Points) (+1, -0) 8 years ago

haha thats epic

68094 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

@#7: That's a good strategy. Also some peoples' minds work differently, juggling risk vs. reward is tough for humans. The immediate reward is worth the long term consequences by design, in many many cases; overriding this is hard enough sober. Think about people quitting smoking, for example; I'm sure you enjoy sex more than most people enjoy smoking, and a lot of them can barely go 10 minutes waiting to smoke when they want to.

68098 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

#5 is freud back from the dead

68144 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

Obviously it wasn't as serious as everyone is making it out to be if they posted it on here...duh!

68145 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

Or it could be fake like 60% of the crap posted on here

68157 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

She said she had the taste of dick. Doesn't mean it happened

68179 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

#13 - I was going to say that. All you people are arguing whether he should break up with her over cheating. But no one said she cheated. She said she has the taste of dick in her mouth. Which brings up another point - dick is skin. It doesn't have its own taste.

68189 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

Bull shit just becuse dick is skin doesn't mean I'm gonna put one in my mouth 14 please never talk again

79802 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

You should never talk again! I doubt she was talking about the taste of skin. Cum has a taste of it's own and is one of the hardest tastes to get rid of! I doubt she was saying "i can taste skin in my mouth"

68193 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

i lol'd at #10

68213 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

@ #5: your post was too long. But I'm sure the paragraph of whatever textbook you copied it out from looks nice on your bookshelf.

68225 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

#15 needs more education. And no one told you to put a dick in your mouth. Get a life. And some grammar lessons.

68232 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

#5 lost me at 'however'.

68299 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

I'm not Freud. Humans have the ability to simulate human psychology rather completely in their heads (this is how writers write characters that seem actually alive and distinct, instead of like 6 of the same person arguing with himself; or how method actors get into their roles so well). Sometimes I abuse it to get a handle on how people work inside; I change all my moral bases, I create emotional disturbances and constructed situations, inject a stimulus, and split it out as it goes to test out multiple possibilities at once. Several dozen iterations lets me evaluate several thousand varied situations. So, sometimes I talk psychology; I'm not saying there's an absolute answer here, I'm just saying the problem is complex and actually the point is there's no fixed answer because of the psychological factors involved.

68315 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

"HUMANS" have the ability to simulate "HUMAN" psychology (wtf... simulating.... err.... Error... eroor......)

68359 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

You people have sucked the fun out of this. If people get philosophical when they drink, I'd hate to see what you all are like. Jesus.

68465 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

Most people are like that really. Its not that they can't control themselves exactly or they don't know they're doing it (unless they're fuckkkkedddd uppp) but the freedom of consequences dimming and the fact that people taught since they are young that they can't control themselves plays a huge role. Its not philosophy... Its just true.

68472 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

how bout you dont get so fucking drunk that you don't remember last night? then maybe you wouldnt cheat on your boyfriend. duh

68630 (2 Points) (+2, -0) 8 years ago

I don't blame him. I'm a girl, and if the tables were turned, I'd do the same. I don't get that drunk without my boyfriend anyways. It's been proven that alcohol doesn't make you do anything you wouldn't normally THINK of doing, it just removes your inhibitions. So if you'd cheat on your bf/gf, alcohol doesn't make a difference, it just removes the "giving a fuck" factor

70494 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

aww hun i dont blame you. that's just wrong of her :( i hope ya find a better girl then that

72487 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

Whoever keeps posting the long novel sized comments seriously needes to get a freakin life! Christ.

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