(864): I work in a bookstore. Today a girl wearing a Team Edward shirt came up and bought five "for dummies" books. Later, a girl around the same age came in wearing a Team Harry shirt and bought a 700 page small print biography of Neil Armstrong. Go Harry Potter

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Literacy 1 Hack Writing 0 Yay literacy!!!!

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Harry Potter was like a gateway to literature for me. Twilight, on the other hand... makes rabid fans out of teenage girls (or effeminate boys).

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what does this have anything to do with what this website's about?? go away you averagewizard faggot. (i hate twillight, but dislike harry potter nerds)

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yea this isnt fucking MDT quality

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this belongs on mlia

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gay, this is pointless

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Go #7!!!

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everyone shut up, TONS of people go to bookstores wasted. You're all probably to illiterate to know tho, seeing how bookstores are "uncool." fags

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probably shouldnt steal stories from the interwebs and pretend you made them up. not onky is this not a drunk text but i've seen this exact story else where. i am ashamed to admit it, but i believe i saw it in the "made my day" section of cheezburger.

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hahha your such a fagget. "tons of people go to bookstores wasted." yeaa thats where i go when i wanna have a good time bahahahha fucking loser.

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twilight= proof that shiny things attract dumb people

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go back to mlia

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