(402): On the way to the bar, I saw some interesting graffiti on a bridge. As I got closer, I noticed it said, “Vampires do NOT sparkle.”

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hahhahahahahaa edward cullen is a douch

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XD Twilight ruined the whole image of vampires. And #2, you're retarded.

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^^ you're a latin dick and this has already been on here

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what the fucking shit does that say ? is it a fucking novel or life story, you attention whore ?

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it's filler text used in the publishing and advertising industry, so that you can see what the real stuff would look like when stuck into something you're designing. it's from some ancient text, commonly referred to as "Lorem ipsum" by people in the business. in other words, he's a douche. willing to bet this is the same guy posting colt 45 on like every other page. ^op, rock on. stupid fucking sparklepires.

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can the mods install some filter that removes posts over 10 lines or something?

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apperently Robert Pattinson is allergic to vagina. Google that shit. He actually said it! Fucking hilarious!!

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This is true.

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haha this is so true :)

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