(814): Sent: He's MARRIED! Which makes me the mistress... Ya know what's cool about that? Rcvd: no. What? Sent: I never have to do his laundry or attend family functions. And I'm almost guaranteed to get laid every time I see him!

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not cool

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You know what else that means? That you are a filthy whore.

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His poor wife! I felt feeling for someone, but I made sure to keep my feelings in check, why don't you do the same? Hey you are just his toy, hahaha, but that is all you think of him too. How can you sleep with someone and not have real feelings for them?

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Yeah, and also, you're just the slut he goes to when his wife won't give him any. So you're not only a slut, but you're also a slut who is his last resort for sex. Jesus, do his wife and him a favor and GTFO.

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His last resort? He's with me more than her! And I wouldn't say there are no feeling- he cares enough about me to take care of me when I'm sick and would do whatever it takes to care for him... Cheating is a part of society now- accept it! You can't beat it, so do what I did and join!

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Fucking ho.

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You are a disgrace to women around the world. Because of women like you, the rest of us who respect the sanctity of marriage, get punished. You need to take a closer look at your life. You can't get your own man so you had to steal one from another woman. You may think that makes you better than her, but you're not. You are scum. Just remember that Karma is a bitch, and when you find a man and decide to share the rest of your life with him, I hope he cheats on you. You'd deserve it you low-life piece of shit.

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@6 How dare you flaunt your sinful ways in our face and tell us that it is the way of society and we better get over it, who the hell do you think you are? Oh that's right a stuck up bitch that goes after anything she wants and doesn't give a damn who she hurts in the process AND THEN YOU HAVE THE GULL TO BRAG ABOUT IT! Are you totally clueless? Ladies, take a lesson from this, even when you are tired make sure to put your husband first before yourself and don't forget about his nee, trust me you will bond. If you don't some skanky bitch may look for the opportunity to try and steal your man from you.

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BRAVO #8 & 9!!!!!!! THANKS

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Good one 8 & 9! Couldn't say it any betterrrrrrr!

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I'm the furthest thing from skanky or slutty... This is the byproduct of cheating men... And if his wife is so great, why is he looking elsewhere? Yes ladies- do look after your man- because hell needs to reach full capacity... How about worry about yourself first! Selfishness isn't so bad...

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god i hate chicks like you.

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fucking slut

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@12 and all you can get is another woman's man, hmmm?

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Don't you people have better things to do with ur lives then blast someone on the internet? This site wasn't made for slaming people. It was made for us to laugh at drunk texts we send. So get a life and leave her alone. Its hers and his choice to do what they want. Stop pushing ur beliefs on the rest of us.

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Well said 17! I was the one who submitted this txt- so I know the girl and the guy- they are great people...

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yeah @ 17 and 18... if you guys seriously have nothing better to do than write a fucking paragraph yelling at someone on this website... maybe you should go find a guy to fuck instead of getting pissed at other people for doing so

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Coming form a guy- why is she the bad person? He is the one wronging his wife. And why flip on her? She's in touch with what she wants- which is more than most people.

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@18 you are a complete ass, they are great people. What the fuck do you know about great people? Your head is up your ass!

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17 & 18, U R My Heros!

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i think they both wrong... if he married she should have enough sense to walk away from the situation and dude should love his wife enough not to cheat on her and if not he might want to re-examine the marriage and see if he is truely happy with his wife...

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If his wife was taking care of him he wouldn't be somewhere else. Not the girls fault at all!

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Very funnny

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Very funnny

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fuckin sociopath.

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well said #24

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wow, all i have to say is typical dumb bitch @8 and 9. I mean come on now, I am a guy and im not deluded enough to even start to think that it would be all the chicks fault.. HE IS CHEATING ON HIS WIFE. MEANING HE WENT LOOKING...

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God I love how butthurt everyone gets when you talk about cheating on this site! Wonder what these perfect peeps have hidden in their closets!

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Lol 30! Prolly the panties of their other lovers... People only get this pissed when they are guilty themselves... Haha!

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Haha your my whorey hero

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oooooh... look at you bragging about being a mistress! Aren't you special?

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we fucked on the bed fucked on the floor fucked so long i grew a fucken afro. we fucked to the left and we fucked to the right she sucked my dick till the shit turned white. so i thought to myself sheba sheba got my ass lookin like a zebra put on my clothes and i was on my way till her daddy showed up in a chevrolete. so i ran i jumped out the back window but her daddy he was waiting with a two by four. he beat me to the left beat me two the right the motha fucka wouped my ass all night but i aint mad at her prejudice dad thats the best damn pussy i eva had. so i grabbed a bag of weed and a bottle of whine and ima fuck that bitch just one more time.

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Whorey hero! Epic! Couldn't have said it better! Girls got the right idea- a man that aint hard work for a change.

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a) if he liked you so much, then maybe he'd leave his wife... but he isn't b) not everyone enjoys being a cheating whore, so don't push it on everyone else ... disgusting

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dude is an idiot for getting married to a bitch that won't put out, but there's no bigger piece of shit here than this bitch bragging about ruining a marriage. im with the bible thumpers on this one, burn in fucken hell bitch ill catch ya down there. take that nigga with you so i can meet (meat) him too

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