(586): I was talking to my friend about how I just wouldn't tell my parents if I was pregnant, not knowing my dad was listening. Ten min later, my mom walks in the door with a pregnancy test and makes me take it. Guess what, I'm pregnant.

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dumb slut. good luck with the baby

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they are called condoms..

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babys are always funn! good luck if your keeping it !!!! :)

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That's irony for ya. Good luck.

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Carry your baby and you know that your parents will help support you. You can give it up for adoption too. You will be fine.

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this doesnt make her a slut. she could be pregnant with her boyfriend of god knows how many years. be mature people.

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I find it amazing how when its a post about a guy "fucking" 10 chicks its EPIC.. but a chick finding out she is prego she becomes a "slut" WTF? O and btw I am a guy... Come on guys stop making us look ignorant

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#7 i completely agree with you but thats just how fucked up this world is. If a girl fucks a differrent guy every couple weeks shes a whore but if a guy fucks a new chick every night hes a legend! GROW THE FUCK UP!!!

69871 (-3 Points) (+1, -4) 8 years ago

#7 is a fucken bitch. men do it cuz we're fucken superior. that's why women (and gays) suck on the dick, not the other way around. women do what theyre fucken told or they get slapped up.

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abort that shit asap, not worth ruining your body over!

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From an old guy.#9 is a full blown{probably not ever blown}pecker head.You deserve the rubber titted ball buster who devorce you and take up with a 5inch dildo because it's such a major improvement over you.

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i am more curious on how the mom had a pregnancy test within 10 mins haha

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