(301): It was time for her to go, but she kept insisting that I cook her something. So I handed her her coat, gave her a microwaved cup of noodles and said, "the great thing about these is...you can take them with you."

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Wow! That's a real asshole move!

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hell no! that was a great move. Bitches get it twisted! if you're just a fuck, you're just a fuck. No need to insist on doing men doing boyfriend-ish things. get out... the end.

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Who insists that someone should cook for them? Way to put that bitch in her place.

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it's kinda weird to 'insist' but hey everyone is hungry in the morning and it's kinda rude to not offer atleast something

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1ST OF YY DOES SHE HAVE 2 BE A BITCH.. u kno wat ima start treatin yall like fukkin bitches ima fukk da shyt out of yall den when u say honey can i have sum breakfast ima say NOPE.. GET THE FUKK OUT ND HAVE A NICE DAY.. PUT YALL FUKKIN AZZHOLES IN YALL PLACE.. psssh dont kno wtf a bitch is is ima show yall a bitch ima be THE BITCH

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#5, I think you're trying to stand up for the female population and to stop males from calling or thinking females are bitches. But honestly, I can't be to sure with the way you were spelling and how you were saying it. But if you were and that's how I'm taking it, kudos to you!! Good job! But back to the text, the female insisting that he make her something to eat is ridiculous; ask him to make you something and if he doesn't tell him to go fuck himself sideways and be done with him. Don't go all demanding on him, he's not going to listen that way. If I were a guy, I'd do the same thing, don't fucking insist him to make you something, he's going to insist you get the fuck out of his house. So, I'mma go, toodles!

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#6 - nice one, well done you :)

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Hey. She should thank him. That ramen is pretty good.

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ive cooked those noodles and went somewhere...theyre just as good on the go.

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#6.......here's your noodles....toodles. LMAO...i made a rhymee

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#3 is right. shit, that cup of noodles would be for ME

Tyger (0 Points) (+0, -0) 8 years ago

Lol he had a problem gettn her to leave, I have a problem getting guys to let me leave. They always want me to stick around, for the life of me I can't figure out what the fuck for lol.

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