(904): dude y am i wearing my a&p shirt and why are 3/4 of the buttons gone (Sent) last nite you put it on and demanded we go to the a&p, wen we got there u went in n started acting all crazy. Your nite manager made a comment about u being mad fucked up and u ripped ur shirt in half screaming "Madness! This is Sparta!" before kicking her in the chest and sprinting back to the car. needless to say she came and smoked more with us and gave u a raise

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didnt think there were any a&p in j-ville

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Not to doubt such a believeable story, but I don't believe that this is true...

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agree with #2

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and it was all going so well until they just pushed it too far with the raise. shame. was a nice story.

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It could have been true..you never know...

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epic if it were true

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