(410): She said we could have sex if i called her "Snookie" and i agreed.

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haha Jersey shores' taking over.

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33F5ph Pleased to read intelligent thoughts in Russian. I`ve been living in England for already 5 years!...

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SLvtkX I am so grateful for your article.Much thanks again. Much obliged.

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“…osea, para quién es el mensaje? Pa las cabritas pelolais de La Dehesa?? Esas weonas no comen nada, se lo vomitan todo!! y la única weá helada que se bancan es el amor y vida familiar de sus caOB2”Ns-TA-aLEs30; primera vez que posteo aká, siempre lo leo pero esto merecia un NOTABLE.Buenisimo…

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that means she likes getting popped in the face for speaking up? wow that girl is into some kinky ass shit.

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this is also, very clearing a fake text, get a life faggot

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Jersey Shore = Loss of IQ points. And people who don't have self respect. (:

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