(510): well i was about to unbutton his pants but then i realized they had an elastic waste-band, so no, that didnt happen

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really? you were going to fuck him up until that and THAT made you change your mind?

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sweat pants have that... but you wouldnt say anything about that, so get over yourself.

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I thought she meant unbuttoning didn't happen... because there was no button. She never said she didn't fuck the guy.

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#2 who the fuck wears sweat pants when trying to get laid? He was probably wearing some chavtastic adidas clunge repellers anyway, so fair play to the girl.

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Maybe she's really into buttons?

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yeah what happened here? 1) she didn't unbutton his pants and took off b/c he is a loser 2) she saw there was an elastic waistband and didn't bother unbuttoning and just pulled his pants down and still got laid

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