(843): dude it was my first time... i didnt know there was an exact hole to stick it in. i thought just hit the pink. SHE FUCKING LAUGHED AT ME!!!

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totally should have used your digits first dude.

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This is funny :)

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fuckin priceless

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don't you watch enough porn to realize there's a clit, urethra, and a cunt; not one giant pink place to poke your dick at?

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what #5 said

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# 5 "not one giant pink place to poke your dick at?". Classic. Poking your dick at shit is just rude

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what exactly did you think was gonna happen when your dick hit the pink if you weren't expecting a hole? obviously sex-ed is doing its job...

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don't watch prono is messes with your mind

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Check out www.mylifeisfly.com

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i know porno makes me feel gross

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me too^and i am a guy!

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^ is obviously christian

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guys...how often do you jerk off? Give us gals some inside info .......

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so much it would make your eyes water. seriously, you'd think we were lying.

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no, number 13, you are incorrect I am not a Christian, at least not at the present time. i just happen to respect woman enough, that I choose to view them as much more than an object. Anyways those woman are so whoreish they don't do a whole lot for me. I just think about what diseases are they willing to pass along and how many men have they been with & how many abortions have they had, no thanks. I want a real woman, one that knows how to keep her legs closed. One that wants more tham sex when the right time comes. Believe me I plan to melt her heart and treat her like a woman should be treated. with the upright respect ever woman deserves. Understand now?

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I awhile back talked with a young man here that didn't want to have sex, I talked him out of it. I occassionally come on here, bt not that often. I usually just laugh at the texts. Okay brother, I hope I made sense to you #13, have a good one!

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i wish i was your girlfriend at least i am still a vigin ;D

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Taco Bell!

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lol taco bell?

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taco bell made me shit all over the PLACE fuckkk UUUUUUUUUUU TACO BELLL!!!!!!!

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#18.. haha there's probably a reason WHY you're still a virgin. either a] you''re way young or b] you're uglllly as fucccck or just c] your a big chicken shit.

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how come everyone of these things says Taco Bell?

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Wow. 16 was adorable. Get at me! Just kidding. Kind of :]

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when i first had sex i was like 13ish i had no clue what i was doing....hopefully hes around that age. but then again i regret doing it at that age so hes also a rmoron if hes that age

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# 16 is a true gem

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#16, Thank you ladies, you have my upmost respect. You call the shots, remember that. A guy will respect you as long as you respect yourself. I love to romance a woman and watch her feel good about herself. Woman are what make a man a man. Don't allow yourself to be put into a situation that you will regret. Trust me some of us guys really appreciate limits. Some of us guys really want to show a woman they are a woman! You all derserve to be treated as such.

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# 16 is THE perfect guy, that all girls are looking for.... so the asshole that hurt his feelings know this: 1. you may get laid now but you won't when your old. why? you ask... 2 because no woman is going to fall in love with you cuz your an ass 3. you'll be a lonely old man in the future ASSHOLE!

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#16 here, there are 2 texts here that really have caught my eye, because of the comments. I can't help but come back. Thank you #29, I guess you liked what I had to say. Well, it is what every woman derserves to hear. Don't be shy ladies speak your mind. Trust what I am saying to you, men like more than a body. We want someone to share our interests with. Sex gets old when that is all that there is. I like growing with my partner, that is when I am with someone. Here is a tip, men really want to feel respected. Men also really want to feel appreciated. Keep those 2 things in mind and you are off and running. I know woman want to feel loved and valued. Trust me I wouldn't have it any other way. -SR

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thank you SR you are wonderful!

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You are welcome #32, trust me I am old enough to be your father I believe. I never had children. So I look for opportunities to be a father figure, I am happy to do so. But I must confess, I am one hell of an Uncle and I love my nephews and nieces. That is why I wanted to speak up. I don't know that I will be back, but I had a lot of fun.-SR

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Taco Bell!

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STOP with the Taco Bell pleaseeeee!!!!!!!

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taco bell!

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Not taco bell again! Man you must be hungry or you have followers, hahaha!!!!

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You should of waited:(

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Hick up!

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friggen funniest shittttt :) LOOOOL

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I can see both sides of the conversation... However being a therapist, I can honestly say that most women I talk to want a man that will take control and not lay over. They want to know that the man is willing to stand up for what he wants.. In turn, they will get what they want... Goes back to the caveman days.. in a sense...

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What kind of Therapist are you #42? Are you a Sex Therapist? I am not being rude, I am interested in knowing, could you tell me, please, thanks.

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@43 this person has to be a sex therapist, but now I am curious too, see what you started, rotfll!!!

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#44 this is 43, I have to agree with you :)

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sex therapist, hahaha ;D

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Actually I am a sex therapist.. I come across some pretty interesting stuff.. Stuff that would blow most of your minds.. The world isn't what it used to be. Kids are experimenting earlier in life. Doesn't neccessarily mean that it's wrong. I think the most important thing is that they are well educated... Ok, Ok.. I'll quit preaching now..

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No tell us more! But I do think kids should wait till they are adults, sex is a big responsibility and it is healthy to wait till they are mature and able to handle things properly, omg, I sound boring, but it is true. Come one tell us something interesting and I will think of something intersting too, at least I will try.

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im no sex therapist but all I know is that at 17 all i want to do is hav as much sex with as many girls as possible. I know that sounds bad but its the truth and i wont deny it. on the other hand i hope that by being around many girls will actually help me decide what qualities i like in a girl and maybe even find a girl that i would like to be with all the time.

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lmao, I prob wouldve laughed too! xD And Im a girl.. if a guy did that... too funny :)

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i was 14 at the time and very sheltered.

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LOL @ #16. Every girl says they want to date a guy like that, but they don't. Lmfao. Remember that cliche nice guys finish last? Ya well its true. Pretty sure you're gay.

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hahaha you're a dick #52, but that is sorta true, I've met a lot of girls who say they want a real nice guy like that, but then you see them with asshole guys. I get that those girls are just "immature" but i mean still.

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XDDDD I wouldve laughed my ass off too

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When a girl is young and a boy picks on them, everyone tells them that the boy just likes them. This process continues throughout their entire life. Guys also deal with the same situation. They learn that girls like assholes and if they are super nice to a girl then the girl takes advantage of the situation. Overtime, nice guys become assholes and girls learn to love assholes. The guys who are still nice most likely haven’t been out in the dating world much, they had long-term gf that didn’t work out or they are shy. I have had a ton of girls fall in love with me when I was the biggest asshole in world. Yet almost every relationship that I am sweet and nice to a girl somehow something happens and we break up. Conclusion, girls like assholes!!!

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