(815): you would think someone who fights for his country could fight to last longer than 2 minutes

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lol you talkin bout da guy you fuck right?

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You're an idiot.

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Amen! I used to have a bf with the same "issues". Kick his ass to the curb!

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#2 lmao! & wow! that sucks.

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i agree! my ex was the same way. he is in the army

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ima virgin and I'm a 17 yr old girl. fml

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hey #7... that's okay.

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Check out MyLifeIsFly

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#7 thats oka, but if you want we can fix that

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ahahahhahahahaha #8

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maybe it's been a while for him.. don't kick a soldier while he's down.. wtf people!?

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ya you girls talking shit about the guys who go over to iraq to protect you from getting fucking bombed, you're a fucking inconsiderate little bitch, go fuck yourselves honestly. some of you americans make me sick sometimes :/

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maybe you weren't worth more than two minutes...

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hellz yeah that's some bullshit I'm over here in Irqa and you bitches talk shit preciate you

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ok, had an ex who had the same prob, he went to iraq and I'm proud of him. But it's not an excuse after he's been home for a few months. Sounds like the same guy, thinks he's a sex god.....lmao. Proud of the part of him that makes him fight, but damn... after awhile it's time to put in a little effort at home.

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#14 i completley agree haha

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oh geesh people, calm down. He gets all his props for fighting for our country, but that doesn't make him any less terrible in the sack.

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Maybe he can't stand you for more than two minutes. If all you're focused on is getting off, then maybe you're better off alone.

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ok... original author, and #'s 3, 5, and 16: for your information, that man, along with all the other men and women who fight for our freedom and safety, as well as those who respond to crisis within the country such as police, firefighters, and paramedics, are HEROES. (to the author of text) while your sexual needs are important, how dare you post this indicating that he is inadequate. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT THEY SEE OVER THERE? **ANY** IDEA AT ALL????? you should be spending more time talking to your man and building a rapport with him thats good enough so that he may feel comfortable enough to share his experiences with you. Or you could at least empathize with him that if he has not seen a counsellor or psychologist for treatment of whatever psychiatric trauma he has experienced(probably posttraumatic stress disorder), that he will not get better. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED FOR TAKING ADVANTAGE OF HIM BY POSTING THIS. (ps. if you are so fucking fantastic, why don't you fuck yourself. literally.)

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calmm, downnn, just calm down! :) hahaha. but yeah.. ugh. my ex was the same way... so frustrating.

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LOVE #13. amen.

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clap it up for #21. naaaailed it.

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word up #21. thank you military. thank a soldier that you even had the freedom to get fucked ladyjane.

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ur a fuckin selfish bitch. that pretty much sums it up

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Seriously.. my man is overseas and when he comes home he doesnt last very long the first couple times but i mean he went from having it every day to nothing for 8 months, and he spends a lot of his time thinking about fuckig me when he comes home, so yeah I dont get mine all the time but really, I think he's earned his!! You should learn that the world doesnt revolve around you!

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In iraq reading MDT to get a laugh and i see this makes me disappointed in some people i fight for...

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#21 Doing a job is not heroic.

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All the military I fuck last about 2 to 5. Woot if he mak3s it more than 2. They're all the same.

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