(949): Because I was in the bathroom? By the way- tampons don't fit me anymore.The largest size falls out.

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Whore. I can't even wear tampons; they don't fit.

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omg! the smallest ones are uncomfortable for me, i'm going to question the sincerity of this, and if it's true, you woman, are a bit of a whore.

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Agree #3

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that can't be normal....

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Baby needs to do her kegals daily! No worries she's get it tight again..

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then stay away from the black dick

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well i guess you will be using a roll of paper towels now

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did you give birth to a siamese twin?

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i bet sex with you is like a hot dog in a hall way

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So fucking fake. A woman's vagina can never become "loose". It's just a stupid theory. The flesh of the area is full of elasticity that never fades. If a woman could get loose from too much sex or stretching, how do you think the vagina could go back to its normal size after birthing a child? A girl may appear to be more "loose" after she loses her virginity, but that's because the hymen isn't there anymore to provide a narrow entry. (Because the "cherry" isn't inside the vagina, like everyone thinks. It's a part of the opening.) Everyone who called her a whore needs to take some sex ed classes.

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.....i read ur comment #11 and i restate, whore.....

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so fucking disgusting. go to plan parenthood and get tested whore.

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To put this into context; This was sent to me by my ex (god only knows for what reason), complaining about how when I took her virginity this had happened. For those that are calling her a whore, you are entirely wrong.

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#14... you must be MASSIVE. lol :)

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even if she's not a whore, and lets say she's not, something's is wrong. number 11 if you think girls can't be loose you must be a virgin, and for the woman that wrote this, ya might wanna get a chasity belt to eventually be able to wear tampons, i mean wow. i agree w/ number 1 and 3.

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#11 obviously has never had sex with a loose girl (probably no girl) and if he has had sex he is probably tiny so they all feel loose to him

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someone needs to start doing kergles

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# 8 -lmao! a roll of paper towels

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Wow you guys are assholes! #11 you don't know shit about vaginas because you probably don't have one! All the people that called her a whore are haters and she can't help it that you guys are bitches with tight ass vaginas that never get laid!

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tight doesn't mean they don't get laid tight means they compose themselves. Some can't and some choose not to and AREN'T whore-esque. i say "esque" only because from reading above this girl apparently isn't a whore, but loose therefore resembles a whore. it is what it is take it or leave it.

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#11 is right. Google it. It can be loose for a while, but only temporarily. However, vaginas dont always just snap back to being tight, even if the girl has only been with one person. If you HAVE been with a loose vagina, it's because she fucked someone a day- a week before you, not because she's naturally and permanently loose. You all fail for fucking girls who sleep with a new guy every week.

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I question the credibility of this post.... Just sayin....

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i saw, she was loose anyway, everyone's different, & maybe she got a new man and have done it alot. Or maybe just maybe has anyone even thought she's exaggerating?? Jesus, people always jump to the bad conclusion.

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# 22 yea they do actually after like a day. not even a week. there are girls natrally loose!

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...or naturally whores. either way...

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gaby montalbono!!!

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the fact that sex ed is #11's source of info on vaginas is a little funny. y'all have to agree.

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You all are faggots. Why are you arguing about vaginas

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actually, it does get loose, depending on how many people they whore around with, there's no way she wouldn't be able to keep a tampon in though, i mean, 300 pound women can keep those things in, i don't know how they get it in, but they stay in. so this woman is probably just looking for a post to put up.

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I like #11, #22 and #31. They know what they are talking about. Not saying she is a whore but even if she were to be one, WHY DO YOU GIVE A FUCK? Daaamn, haters, for real.

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come one guys, she cant help it if she has a heavy flow and a wide-set vagina!

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haha number 34. mean girls! but anyway, anyone ever think that maybe it's just a joke? maybe she was using sarcasm like, "oh you're so big, i can't even wear tampons now." c'mon. have a sense of humor.

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#11 and everyother person that agreed with them is right! you can't stay loose!..and for every guy that thinks they know everything about a freaking vagina is retarded..you don't have one..just because you have sex with girls doesn't mean you know everything about them!

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Okay children, time to school you all. yes a women does get loose. no it is not permenate, but continuously it will begen to loosen more and more, but that takes years, and people with skill...like me. but remember its not size that matters but what you can do with it.... but luckly i have both. 9 1/2 sex evryday. children these days. and stop judging people who like to get around. you just mad cuzz you cant.

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E = mc vagina

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omg...stacy? is that you? fugly skank.

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personally...i lk #7's comment...hahahahaha

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E = MC vagina :D

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was this britney spears cuz that whore is loose

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#42 you'd know right. idiot.

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I love Vaginas!! I wish i could just marry a vagina no chick just a fucking huge wet pussy hahaha lol

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damn you must really been used A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You're disgusting. Whatever you get, you deserve it. Try a new roll of Charmin.

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haha. U guys r funny. It is scientifically proven that its all in a guys head. Bc even though she does get looser, the giy doesnt have that much feeling...haha its funny that u guys never took sex ed.

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