(207): We got drunk on my patio, hot tubbing, sauna, etc. We ordered 35 mcdoubles and they DIDN'T COOK OUR ORDER! they thought it was a prank, so we yelled at them, got the manager involved and long story short got them for half off along with everything else in the heat trays (they were closing), we even got 16 mcflurries hahaha

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not only is this epic as hell, it's made me hungry...praise u and damn u....

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Ocmu0v Im thankful for the article post. Really Great.

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2DhoeY I really enjoy the article.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.

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i work at mcdonald's, and this is INDEED epic!!

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Wow. How much was the total of the order?

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what a bunch of assholes. i hope they spit in ur food. u made them make 35 burgers and 16 mcflurry's when they are tryin to clean up and get home after a long day of work and prob school. id have jacked off on ur burger.

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amazing. your my idol

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#5, quit being a loser and do your job. And yes, I'd like fries with that

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