(870): "at off all the terrible things being pregnate would mean my first thought is i wouldnt be able to drink for nine months"

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your mom shouldve had an abortion.

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vzx7sS Major thankies for the blog article. Much obliged.

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hahahahahahahahahahaha #1 so true. that text isnt even logical

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They should make you sterile and you should never be allowed to procreate.

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should learn to spell pregnant

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I had trouble understanding it to. I think I've managed to translate it below... Translation: "Out of all the terrible things being pregnant would mean, my first thought is I wouldn't be able to drink for nine months" People like this should be never be allowed to assist in the procreation of human-kind.

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good job 5, we should keep you around as a drunk idiot translator

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hahahaha! this is a true drunk text.. not just someone saying something about when they were drunk.. they clearly had a good night and thats my first fear too! yall stop being noobs

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