(770): To Cha Cha: "how lng does it take to fly a cessna biplane arond the worold if there are 4 migets hnaging frm it when the pilot lands evrery 30 minutes to have sex with each miget 12 mintes each and when the plane hits and albatroz pidgeon causing drag every 15 minutes??"

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omg that's amazing! made my day =P

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wow, sounds like a Webster pilot to me!

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What I wanna know is how is he supposed to land every thirty minutes once the trans-atlantic portion of the flight begins? Pontoons maybe?

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what i wanna know is the answer! lol

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And fuel... cessna's are shit for fuel lmao. I dont think they can do transatlantic trips.

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I WANNA KNOW! somebody answer this

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haha ask cha cha!!

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this is the first text ive seen so far that the person actually sounded drunk. all these other texts have perfect spelling, grammar, & punctuation. kudos on this one. btw what was the answer??? oh & this is my area code btw. gotta love georgia!!!

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