(717): I looked him in the face and asked if we could stop. he asked why. I said "I can't feel it.". ...I feel bad; I should have faked.

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never fake

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I've faked. He never found out. Fake it, but then give him "tips" if it is just his technique. If it is his lack of endowment...then there is not much he can do with that. Get him to use his fingers

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Quit being so wide.You can land a 747 in the Grand Canyon and the plane would look small.Get my point?

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#3 you're an idiot. i'm a guy and girls are more or less the same size, can't tell a difference if you're big enough i guess. you're probably small and have girls say stuff like that all the time and try to overcompensate and blame the girl. get some enzyte and shut the hell up, small-prick

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Sounds like i hit a nerve.All i know is the last time i was tapping your mom,the bitch was wide.

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Thats what all guys with tiny dicks say...they just can't handle the fact that yes, size does matter.

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exactly #6

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hell ya #6 i bet ur hott (;

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Go re-read my post mate.What part of that implies that i have a small dick?I said that no matter the size,it will still look small in a wide chick.You fucking yanks are so stupid.....

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HAHAHA You all are funny.

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Wow, stretched out slut

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Haha, its not the girls fault if she cant feel it. C'mon guys, and yes I mean you actual guys. We all know that you're just trying to blame her when the fact is, you're just small.

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See's more meat then a butcher and cries when the 500th guy she bangs doesn't make her see star's.And it's the GUY'S FAULT????? I don't think so...

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i think she was just too drunk to feel it.. been there

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my guy is a nice size and I wasn't always able to feel it, woman need to be aroused first.

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xD Everyone on here is so pissy. You're arguing with each other, and calling each other small when you don't even know the other. WOW. You're cool.

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it isn't the guy, woman need their clitoris stimulated first.

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