(831): Saw two people at the bus stop arguing in sign language. Funniest shit I ever saw. Their hands and fingers were going so fast and the facial expressions were hysterical.

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Fuck off cocksucker I bet you wouldn't be able to last a day with what we have to live with, piece of shit

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waaaa...another handifuker whining..shocker! deal with it and keep it out of your ass, bithch

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no fuck, my sister's an interpreter and i know a lot of deaf people. and that's just fucking stupid. you're a moron

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^^^^ hmmm^^^^^ i think we found the 2 ppl that voted bad night lmao

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Why is that a bad thing? I think it's just as funny when two hearing people are fighting with all the 'talk to the hand' gestures and head wagging. Lighten up. It wasn't meant to offend. And how do you know the poster isn't deaf? Or, that the people involved in the arguement ARE deaf? And how do you know the person who posted isn't physically impaired in a way far more devastating than deafness? There are a lot of assumptions based on one innocent post. Laugh a little assholes.

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#1 and #2, u guys r faggots, hes not makin fun of deaf people, hes ust sayin it was funny wat they were doin, so stfu and read properly u queef eaters

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dude, why does it matter. how is he a fag?! he was drunk. hes not making fun of them, hes jus sayin it was epic. so FUCK YOU

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interesting haha

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>____> 1/2...calm down. Even if you are deaf, learn to take a joke and make fun of yourself. It makes life easier. I'm epileptic, trust me, there are funny jokes there. I have an awesome nick name "scrambled eggs". LAUGH AND LIVE

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1 and 2 fail to have humor or logic... whats the point in coming to this website

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-#5, Queef eaters???? WTF??? (roflmao)

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Hahahhahahaha 'scrambled eggs'. Good one. And to #8, I say you're totally awesome! Great attitude! To the two twatwaffles who have no sense of humor: I would think that jokes that include everyone, regardless of disability (perceived, or otherwise), would be appreciated.

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i have deaf neighbors, and they "yell" at each other when they argue, and it's quite funny, cause they just make noise.

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yes #10, i said queef eaters :) they eat queefs cuzz there fuckin homos :)

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queefs are not solid edible items, dumbass.

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#4, #8 & #11, love your comments.

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#4 ftw.

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The town where I used to live in had a large deaf population. I have seen deaf couples arguing and a deaf woman yelling at her kids and beating them too, but she couldnt yell while she was swatting at them. And you can tell if they are signing and its not just body language. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen. People that can hear are not making fun of you, but are laughing with you. Its nice to know that deaf people go through the same things that hearing people do. Relationships are the same weather you can hear or not. I just wish I could shut my girlfriend up just by closing my eyes. Thats where deaf people have it made

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